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Your Guide to Christmas in London

London for Christmas

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Christmas Season - Half Moon

Christmas Season - Half Moon

4-5 November 2016, 10.30, 11.00, 13.30, 14.00
Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom
Running Time: 50 minutes
Age Range: 4+

Tangles? Split ends? Frizzy? Flyaway? It’s hard enough having a bad hair day, but pity poor Rapunzel spending her life in a tower with a wicked old witch using her captive’s locks as a step ladder! What sort of damage is that going to do to your hair?

Theatre of Widdershins have taken this popular fairytale right back to its dark roots, teased out the tangles and styled it into a beautifully coiffured hair piece. This enchanting show promises plenty of body, volume and loads of highlights. Make an appointment to see the show today – because you’re worth it!

11-12 November 2016, 10.30, 11.00, 13.30, 14.00
Underneath a Magical Moon
Running Time: 55 minutes
Age Range: 3-8

A reimagining of Peter Pan as told by Wendy Darling.

Through her open window Wendy Darling gazes out at the night sky dreaming of blue lagoons, magical moons and the stories that she can tell. But tonight, like no other, has magic in the air.

Come with us as we invite you to fly into a fantastical world of adventure, where time stands still, and the impossible seems possible and if you close your eyes and believe, then you really can make anything happen.

A sparkling new production with exquisite music, enthralling movement and a sprinkle of tutti frutti magic.

19 November 2016, 11.00, 14.00
Maddy and the Invisible Band of Groovers
Running Time: 50 Minutes
Age Range: All ages

Maddy lacks confidence and has had a bad day at school. Her Grandfather has just moved in, the last thing she wants to do is help him unpack his boxes. But, when Maddy opens a very special box, Grandfather lets her into a secret, involving a girl with portable ears, a piano teacher, vile siblings, an old potato and a bus driving owl.

Full of audience participation and using storytelling, puppetry and songs to celebrate diversity, difference and friendship, this charming show is performed by four actors and encourages you to believe in yourself.

Invisible Flash Theatre’s stories are enhanced to improve access for a non-sighted audience.

24-26 November 2016, 10.00, 11.30, 13.30, 14.00
Running Time: 25 minutes
Age Range: 0-3

A leaf is born…
It grows and glows in the sunshine and the rain
Then the wind blows and it becomes colder
The leaf changes colour
In the snow, the leaf falls…
But when spring comes, a new leaf grows…

Join us as we tell the life story of a very special leaf in this warm, intimate and playful new piece for under 3s inspired by nature and the seasons. Framed within an evocative soundscape, this is the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young.

At the end of the performance, children are invited onto the stage to play among the leaves and explore a landscape created by the changing seasons.

Leaf is another heart-warming play created by Tam Tam Theatre, whose previous shows for very young children include Circles in the Sand and Curious. It is performed by the company’s founder, Marleen Vermeulen, and created in collaboration with director Joy Haynes.


3 December 2016, 15.00
Big Wow Small Wonder
Running Time: 50 minutes
Age Range: 4-9

Justin is the smallest boy in the whole town. So small that he can swim with goldfish. So small his sister takes him to school in her lunchbox. So small the class bully, Bother Boots Bradley, wants to catch him and keep him as his new pet.

Justin just wants to be like his giant Dad, but when he finds out his Dad is not the Big Wow, he sets off on a journey to find who – or what – the Big Wow really is! Can the Big Wow help Justin to be tall in time, before Bradley puts him in a cage ready for the school show and tell in assembly?

With the help of a pigeon, the Mountain (who sounds a lot like his Grandad) and the World Ant Weightlifting Champion, Justin soon realises that being big might not be all it’s bigged up to be.

Told with huge helpings of humour, poignant poetry and original music, this is a tall story about the wonders of being small.

Big Wow Small Wonder returns to Half Moon Theatre for one performance after a successful run earlier this year.


9, 12 December 2016, 13.30, 16.30, 19.00
People Are People
Running Time: 50 Minutes
Age Range: +13

How do I feel? I’m not special like a snowflake. Maybe some people think I’m a freak, maybe I think that sometimes. I don’t know. It changes.

Genderfluid, trans, asexual, cisgender, ze and hir – what do these terms mean? What does it mean to be ‘male’? Or ‘female’? And what if these labels just don’t fit who you are?

Using physical theatre, framed within an evocative soundscape, People Are People weaves the real words, stories and voices of young people into a powerful exploration of gender identity.


10 December 2016, 11.00, 14.00
The Girl and the Giraffe
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Age Range: 3-6

One day whilst Girl is playing in her garden, she spots something peculiar on the other side of the fence. Climbing up as high as she can to get a better view, she is surprised when she comes face to face with… Giraffe!

As their friendship grows, Girl discovers that Giraffe isn’t very well. She tries everything she can to make him feel a bit better; putting on bandages, making a cup of tea, and even baking a truly magnificent cake, but she doesn’t get it quite right. Girl soon realises that Giraffe doesn’t need a plaster for a graze on his arm or a scratch on his knee. Giraffe is sad. Sometimes we need a different kind of plaster for the things you can’t always see.

Charming puppetry, an enchanting soundscape and beautiful storytelling combine in this sensitive show about wellbeing and friendship, told from a child’s perspective.

The Girl and the Giraffe returns to Half Moon Theatre for two performances after a sold out run earlier this year.


17 December 2016, 11.00, 14.00
Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners)
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Age Range: 4+

Will asks Father Christmas for a space ship, but he gets a piano instead. As he tries to work out how he might use it to reach the moon, Will is drawn into a fantastic pianistic adventure that sees him finding Bach in a cave, meeting a bad-tempered Beethoven and jamming with ‘Fats’ Waller. Using music, humour and visuals to tell the fascinating story of the piano and some of the great musicians who have transformed what it can do, Will discovers that through music you can go anywhere you want.

Part recital, part dissection, this unforgettable show features whirlwind piano playing, songs and stories as well as hand-drawn projections to create an extraordinary experience for all the family.

7 January 2017, 11.00, 14.00
The Colour of Me
Running Time: 50 Minutes
Age Range: 3-7

Join us in a magical world of colour. Can you feel the excitement of the deep blue sea, the green peacefulness of nature, or bravely go where no child has ever been… inside an orange? But do watch out for red, who is sometimes very cross. Come and experience the beautiful rainbow of emotions that lives inside each and every one of us. What colour are you today?

With live music and projection this interactive dance theatre performance promises to delight, tickle and inspire young audiences.

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Half Moon
Young People's Theatre
43 White Horse Road
London E1 0ND

Box Office
020 7709 8900

Nearest tube
Limehouse DLR

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4 November 2016 - 7 January 2017



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