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Your Guide to Christmas in London

London for Christmas

Your Guide to Christmas in London



London Ghost Walks

London Ghost Walks

London's Ghost Finder General, Richard Jones presents his 36th Annual Haunted Christmas Ghost Walk.


There is no better, nor more atmospheric, time of the year to explore the streets of haunted London than Christmas. The workers are at home in the suburbs and won't be returning until the New Year has been well and truly rung in.


The streets lie deserted, the buildings are empty, the alleyways and the courtyards are silent, and little stirs in the darker recesses of the haunted City, save for the occasional urban fox, flitting through the night on some nefarious mission - and, oh yes, the spirits of former residents whose City this was, is and always will be.


And, let's be honest about this, no Christmas is ever complete without a festive sprinkling of ghost stories to chill the marrow and tingle the spine.


So, for Christmas, London's leading authority on all things haunted and legendary, Richard Jones, will be donning his Victorian funeral director's outfit, adding a sprig of holly to the lapel of his frockcoat, and leading a ghost walk through the old streets of London that will offer participants a thrillingly chilling night of surprises, shocks and excellent storytelling.


Of all London's ghost walks, this is the only one to be led by a genuine authority on the paranormal, a published author who has written extensively on ghosts and legends and whose books Walking Haunted London; Haunted London and History and Mystery Walks In London are used by virtually every other ghost walk guide when planning their own tours!


But, on Richard's haunted Christmas walk, you will be taken around by the guide who wrote the books, not a guide whose read a few books. In short you'll be in the company of the source.

Expired - This event is in the past.

Venue Details

London Ghost Walks

Box Office
020 8530 8443

Nearest tube
Bank (Exit 3)


More info

27-30 December 2018

19.00 (27-28, 30), 19.30 (29)


Other notes
Duration 1 hour 45 minutes. End point St Martin Le Grand, EC1

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